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“James is a true IT professional. He has a wide range of knowledge of our systems and web development. James can always be counted on to put his best effort into a request and come up with a solution. He will access necessary resources to make sure requests are completed. He also takes the time to explain the situation entails and will follow up at a later date to make sure everything is still going well. Always professional and friendly, he is great to work with.”
Melissa Shea
“James is very professional as well as patient. Takes the time to work with you and has always been able to provide a solution on a task.”
Shelly Campbell
“As a member of our IS department I have requested help from James on numerous occasions and always found that he had a grasp on current technology and was able to present them in a simple, engaging manner. He has always been ready to provide a helping hand wherever necessary. I recommend him highly.”
Teresa Bailey
“James is a guy who gets stuff done. Period. He has an innovative way at looking at problems and finding the most efficient way of solving them. In many outage situations, James had no problem pulling unbelievable hours to ensure the return of normalcy. He has no problem wearing many hats and doing what is needed to ensure the success of everyone.”
Joel Lyman